Star AP 180 Automation


AI and machine learning are the future of technology. This is why we AI in our cloud-based app to replicate the human approach of data extraction for business documentation.
As of current statistics, around 75-80% of companies still use manual data entry processes for documentation purpose. However, this approach to manual work is prone to errors, takes time and may incur unnecessary cost. On the contrary, the OCR-based photo templates can help improve accuracy but are expensive and difficult to set up and maintain.
Considering all these reasons, we at Star Software, provide our clients with a one-stop solution- “Star AP 180 Automation”, to drive business growth. The software can be integrated into your business workflow in a hassle-free manner.


  • Scan invoices in bulk
  • Convert paper invoices to searchable PDF documents
  • Originate invoice in your accounting application or Invoice-to-Pay AP Automation
  • Upload or email documents or allow your vendors to email invoice documents
  • Automatically extract invoice header and general ledger-coded line item data with no manual invoice entry
  • Link invoice documents with invoice data
  • Simplify posting to your accounting package

Workflow If you just want to Capture the Invoice and export to any ERP or application

Key Benefits


Save time and cost

Cloud-based, easy to integrate, deploy, and customize.



Browser-based works out of the box for instant data capture.


Free up resources

Achieves 95% accuracy on its own in 30 days


Streamline processes

Works with documents instead of forms to improve operational efficiencies

Our Process


With multiple document import options like direct connect scanners, local and remote multi-function devices, watched network folders, and automatic email support, Star AP makes it easier for you to document information.


Leveraging its power of the neural engine and AI, StarAP classifies your documents automatically. This saves you time that you would have otherwise spent on manual document segregation.


Star AP finds key data fields automatically for pre-defined document types and harnesses its machine learning ability to adapt to new document formats. This enables users to set up a new document format quickly.


The intelligent StarAP captures data smartly by applying data validation parameters. These extracted data fields can also be migrated to a separate database for automatic validation, thus ensuring higher data extraction accuracy.


StarAP lets you modify document details and bring changes to poor quality scans hampering the readability. These may include correcting characters touching lines, marks on a document, and more.


Once the documents are captured, verified and validated for correctness, the software submits them to the designated business process workflow.

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