Who's managing your integration operations? It doesn't have to be you. Star Software delivers data-centric integration as managed services, improving the quality, timeliness, and visibility of your data while simultaneously freeing your IT resources to make the most of it.

Supply Chain Integration

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Star Software supply chain integration solutions ensure every point along your supply chain from supplier to distributor to warehouse to store is secure, automated, and integrated.

As a seamless extension of your enterprise, the Star Software platform will initiate the exchange and transformation of the thousands of business transactions critical to keeping your supply chain running smoothly. Through a single point of connection, your enterprise will have real-time access to all this transaction data, in whatever formats are required by the many diverse systems and applications charged with acting upon it.

Hybrid Integration

As businesses begin the shift from application-centric to data-centric architectures, the void left by declining monolithic enterprise applications is being filled by many, smaller applications.

Often delivered as SaaS from the cloud, these smaller applications are more nimble, focusing on unique, high-value functions that better serve the complex needs of the organization. And while this trend frees data to better drive business strategy, the complexities of enterprise application integration (EAI) rise significantly with each new application

Manage File Transfer

The pressure is on to conduct business more quickly and more securely. In fact, if you can’t exchange high volumes of data and information with near instantaneous speed, you’re falling behind.

Unfortunately, there are many hurdles to sharing information across and outside of your enterprise. Issues like cost, scalability, security and compliance pose major roadblocks to just-in-time sharing and collaboration with business partners, customers, divisions, and departments.

Cloud Services Integration

Many enterprise users of cloud services want to save money, while others want to reduce their reliance on an internal IT function, or increase efficiency and agility. However, all want to make sure they get a satisfactory level of service from cloud providers. One way to mitigate your company’s risk and enhance the value of services delivered through the cloud is to use intermediaries to support the needs of the business user or consuming enterprise. This can be achieved while also addressing the need to customize, integrate, and manage your cloud services. We at Star Software understand these issues and intricacies as we were born in the cloud 10 years ago. Our expertise can be leveraged to make sure that your environment runs effortlessly and efficiently with benefits such as
  • Tailored services to connect cloud-to-cloud to cloud endpoints
  • Support for a variety of protocols (AS2, HTTPS, etc.)
  • Small footprint on-premise agent to transfer and route information to other on-premise and/or cloud endpoints
  • Built-in data security
  • Support for hundreds of data and application interfaces
  • Transformation of data based on business requirements
  • Transactional and operational information monitoring dashboard