With Our AI Built Intelligent Data Capturing Platform! Automate Your –

Material Test CertificatesAccounts PayableSales OrderOr any Forms

We are not only stuck with data capturing!

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Need Accounts Payable Automation from Data Capturing to all the way to Payment (ACH, Wire, Check, etc.)?

Star AP 360 Invoice-to-Pay is the premiere end-to-end accounts payable and payments solution. It includes bi-directional integration with your accounting system while processing check and electronic payments directly with your bank. The solution eliminates inefficiency at every key pain point in the accounts payable process:

The solution eliminates inefficiency at every key pain point in the accounts payable process

Material Test Certificate Workflow

Star is the point of contact to find all solutions at one place!

Document Management

We are not just stuck with `data capturing but we even provide a full document management application where a user can access from multiple ERP documents at one place.

Star AP Automation

Whether you want to automate your whole invoice-to-pay process or simplify payments, we can help.

Material Test Certificates

Specially Designed for Metal Industries where Material Test certificate can be automated all the way from email to any ERP

Automated Workflow

Build customized, streamlined, workflows to dramatically improve business processing across your organization.

Mobile APP

We have an inbuilt app for android and IOS where a user can access or sign or customise the document through Mobile.

ACH, Check, Wire Payments

An enterprise integrated payables product, streamlines the payment process by consolidating multiple payment types into a single electronic file. Designed for companies making 100-10,000+ payments per month

Star can make cognitive Invoice data / MTR data / Any Forms data capture easier for you

Speed. Power. Accuracy

Star’s AI Outperforms Humans.

Over 1,000 times faster than a human
Increase straight through processing up to 70% with no human intervention
Machine learning trained on over 1 billion human verified data points for unparalleled accuracy.

Star’s key solutions –

Intelligent Data Capture

Automatically capture, classify, and index documents to reduce errors and improve business insight and productivity.

Electronic Forms

Create and process secure, easy to use e-forms to capture, verify, approve, and integrate data with core business systems

Industry Specific Solution

We have built separate modules which is specific to industry like Metal Trading Industry, Manufacturing, Bank, Real State, etc.

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