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We use AI and Intelligent Data Capturing process to make premiere end-to-end accounts payable and payments solution.

Our Process

Star’s unique cognitive data capture technology mimics the human mind when detecting and capturing document data. It then gives human operators intuitive assistance, enabling them to validate and correct captured data in seconds.

Our cloud-based technology ensures best-in-class security and scalability, as well as full 24/7 access on any device.

Test Certificates / Invoice data capture is inherently connected to numerous business functions. The receipt of a form triggers a series of processes that have specific data requirements. To process an invoice, several data fields must be localized and data must be extracted from those fields.

Cognitive data capture uses advanced machine learning to accelerate these steps and ensure accurate results.


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What is AP Automation?

Accounts Payable Automation or AP Automation is a technology system used by accounting teams to automate accounts payable invoice processes. AP Automation software is equipped with intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) technologies which integrates both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) softwares to automate accounts payable invoice and payment processes.

The most common automation for accounts payable takes place with the receipt, capture, and coding of invoices.

Intermediate AP Automation systems will also streamline processes such as purchase order (PO) matching and three-way matching against goods or services delivered. At the intermediate level, you can expect the identification of duplicate invoices, mismatch notifications and other fraud prevention functionality.

Advanced AP Automation systems take it a step further by bridging the communications divide between AP teams and non-accounting colleagues by turning invoices into a collaboration tool to ensure control over the procure-to-pay process.

Best of breed AP Automation systems are rare and they provide end-to-end AP Automation with the ability to pay inside the system or outside the AP Automation system. All the while offering a variety of payment methods which don’t push fees on vendors and they make payment reconciliation easy.

Smart & Flexible

  • Intelligent AP Automation
  • Real-Time, Accurate Invoice Capture & Coding
  • Keep Pace with Change
  • Scale for Growth

Communicate & Control

  • Centralized Collaboration
  • AP Automation Process Visibility
  • Automated Communications
  • Audit-Ready History

Sleek & Effortless

  • 1-Day Setup
  • Keep Existing Process & Systems
  • Easy-To-Use, Intuitive AP Automation Interface
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Eliminate payable workload by 80%
Simplify the world
Reduce financial and compliance risk
Accelerate the financial close by 25%
Synchronize your teamarrow
Eliminate payable workload by 80%

The Most Efficient Payables Automation

Whether you have an invoice-based workflow or a digital business model, Tipalti can eliminate much of the friction you currently encounter.



Simplify the world

Global Payables Operations Made Easy

From paying to 196 countries with 120 currencies to its multi-entity architecture to treasury-level currency management services, Tipalti is the most globally minded AP solution.



Reduce financial and compliance risk

Strengthen Processes with Enterprise-Grade Controls

Granular controls to increase security of sensitive financial data, ensure ongoing compliance, and improve management oversight.



Accelerate the financial close by 25%

Real-Time Integrated Reporting to General Ledger

Speed up financial close with instant payment reconciliation down to the transaction level. Then synchronize with your ERP.



Synchronize your teamarrow

Robust, Multi-Entity Cloud Architecture

Centralize payables operations (including invoice and payment approvals) for today’s remote workforce and multi-subsidiary businesses.



How our Accounts Payable and Payment automation can help you!

Drastically reduce your work time by 70% –

Our intelligent software, equipped with advanced OCR, Machine Learning and AI technologies. It captures invoice data in real-time and learns your accounting process for accurate coding and approval routing. Modern paperless approach to AP with duplicate detection, PO matching, part reconciliation and more

Reduce Fraud Risk –

With enhanced security and two-factor authentication you’ll add a level of protection against unauthorized or fraudulent payments.

Approvals Solved –

Get everyone on the same page, or rather, invoice. Ask and answer questions from teammates or management. With easy access to relevant details and documents available at the click of a mouse, making an invoice decision has never been easier.

Easy Pay and Improved Cash Flow

Pay your way with maximum flexibility and control. Use your preferred payment method, or Star Direct Pay for easy payment runs with painless paper checks or easy-to-reconcile ACH transactions. Collect, manage and own all your vendor payment data.

What does StarSoftware do?

StarSoftware Invoice to Pay allows you to automate and optimize each phase of an invoice’s journey to suit your team’s existing workflow and specific company needs.



No more manual invoice coding and entry. Your vendors send their invoices to a designated email (or you have the option to upload the invoices yourself) and StarSoftware extracts the header and line-level invoice details using OCR technology and human review. All data syncs with your ERP for consistency between platforms.

With StarSoftware, you can route invoices to the appropriate personnel for online review and approval. You can even set “Approval Rules” for certain attributes (like vendor, for example) so that you don’t have to tell StarSoftware every time who needs to approve the invoice before moving on to the next step.

Your time is too valuable to use it chasing down signatures. Get the ‘go-aheads’ you need easily and securely by managing payment authorizations through StarSoftware. With 2-factor authentication, segregation of duties, and other security features, you can be sure your team is taking the necessary precautions to avoid fraudulent activity.

Your time is too valuable to use it chasing down signatures. Get the ‘go-aheads’ you need easily and securely by managing payment authorizations through StarSoftware. With 2-factor authentication, segregation of duties, and other security features, you can be sure your team is taking the necessary precautions to avoid fraudulent activity.

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Speed. Power. Accuracy

Star’s AI Outperforms Humans.

Over 1,000 times faster than a human
Increase straight through processing up to 70% with no human intervention
Machine learning trained on over 1 billion human verified data points for unparalleled accuracy.


How to select an accounts payable software?
Companies looking to add automation in accounts payable should research different AP automation solution options carefully to ensure the best fit for their organization. It is critical that the accounts payable automation software selected can support every invoice processing scenario to ensure true automation of accounts payable and hard savings in time and cost. In addition, it is important to understand how the new AP automation solution integrates with the existing ERP to ensure synchronization of data and a streamlined process removing manual tasks and delivering automation of accounts payable.
How to automate accounts payable?

Organizations who wish to automate accounts payable usually implement an AP automation solution that is connected to the ERP system and potential other business applications in place. Today, there are cloud-based accounts payable software options on the market to suite companies of all sizes and industries. Automation of accounts payable works differently depending on the type of supplier invoices that is handled. For indirect spend, or expense, invoices the accounts payable automation software will support automatic data capture, coding and distribution of the invoice to the appropriate approver within the organization. For direct spend where there is a purchase order involved, the accounts payable automation system will automatically match the invoice data to the purchase order and, if everything matches, directly send the invoice for payment without any human intervention what so ever. This is what is referred to as touchless invoice processing and the end goal of automation in accounts payable.

What is Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation)?
Accounts Payable automation (AP Automation) refers to technology that is used to streamline and automate accounts payable processes, removing manual tasks and providing better visibility and control over important financial data.Accounts payable automation flowAccounts payable automation (AP Automation) enables companies to toothlessly process supplier invoices without any human intervention by providing a digital workflow to manage steps previously handled by an AP staff member.Holistic accounts payable automation starts with capturing invoice data in a digital format, usually through a form of scanning or capture method, such as optical character recognition (OCR). Accounts payable automation will then manage the coding and routing of the invoice through the digital workflow, which functions based on specific logic configured in the organization`s accounts payable automation software. Accounts payable automation (AP Automation) will be integrated with a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system(s), seamlessly transferring data between the two systems without straining the ERP environment or business IT resources. Accounts payable automation significantly reduced the risk of fraud by giving management and AP staff unprecedented visibility and reporting capabilities into the flow of invoices and transactions across the company. Accounts payable automation can provide a significant cost savings for a company beyond the expected savings from eliminating manual tasks. Companies can optimize their vendor portfolio, avoid duplicate or erroneous payments, and take advantage of early payment discounts.

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