Stratix Implementation

We provide implementation assistance for STRATIX to Invera customers. We have provided implementation assistance using gateways for various customers all over the world.


With STRATIX CSX we can build many new features for STRATIX customers according to their requirement. We have deep knowledge of STRATIX internals and can halp in making enhancements that will fit our cutomers. Some of our CSX’s are available free of charge.

Please contact us to install these on your system.

Report Customization

Do not need to write new reports, we can customize the STRATIX report itself which can run through the STRATIX scheduler. Experience -We have customized more than 100 reports for various STRATIX customers. Benefits – Third party server is not required which results to more data security, cost savings and better performance.

Tag and Document customization

We have done lot of tag and document customization. Our team has more than 10 years experience in customization. We have customized almost all documents available in STRATIX.

Report development/Dashboards

If you need a separate report or a customized dashboard, you have come to the right place. We have created more than 200 new dashboards according to customer requiremnts.

The Benefits of using our services –

Since the report and dashboards are hosted on the same STRATIX / eSTELPLAN server therefore the reports run faster and real time dashboard data is displayed instantaneously.

STRATIX ONE customization

Sometimes you need to customize a great product to make it work perfect for you. We can use STRATIX/SDI and build dashboards limited only by your imagination!

SAP – STRATIX Integration & data Migration

SAP is an extremely powerful ERP system, one that can give you deep business insight into important areas of your business. However, it can’t do everything. Your third party or best-of-breed applications, whether they be Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise, are necessary to providing insight into other areas of your business and to handle specific business functions that SAP doesn’t handle as well.

We have expertise who can integrate STRATIX with SAP according to the customer requirement.

Data Migration - Data migration is the process of moving data from one or more sources into a target application. Historically, data migration has been viewed as the biggest risk in a new ERP implementation, with Star Software’s proven methodology the go-live time will be much easy for you.

Typical Benefits:

  • Ensuring that only the right data is loaded and that all the required data is available
  • Eliminating costly overruns from duplicate or in accurate data
  • Downplaying the risk associated with moving from a legacy system to a new application
  • Data that is immediately actionable from the Go-Live event and beyond

Email Customization

Some times our customers are not happy with automatic emails they send to their customrs or vendors. Some may also want to combine some of the email data with another email to reduce the counts of the emails, like bill of lading with packing list documents, or they want to change the content of the data. If this is required then we are the expert people whom you may want to contact!

Tag printing to zebra & non – zebra printers

We have done lot of tag and document customization. Our team has more than 10 years experienceincustomization. We have customized almost all documents available in STRATIX.