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Star Software strives to provide integrated and innovative accounts payable automation solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best practices and recognized industry standards through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry. We add value to our client’s operations and build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

How we do it ?

Each stage of app development has its challenges. You might experience misguided ideas, technical difficulties or deplete your budget. To minimize risks and get the best possible outcome, we slice projects into phases and adjust the way we work to deliver a complete and stable solution.


Proof of Concept

You have the idea and want to build a proof of concept.
You need a lean training and a clear product roadmap.
You want to consult engineers to verify your idea.



You have the proof of concept.
You want to build a clickable prototype.
You need an engineering team with CTO experienced in prototyping to help you design the user interface and build your product.



You have the prototype.
You want to build an MVP.
You need an engineering team to speed up your app’s development.


Full Product

You have the MVP.
You want to build a fully-featured product.
You need a software house ready to develop your product right away.



You have the fully-featured product
You want to scale up.
You need a remote team of top developers ready to help you grow your product.

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Master Coil Entry CSX - Master Coil Entry 1. Coil Cropping Entry
2. Actual Reading of Coil
3. Comparison with STRATIX data for better picture
4. Entry of Order Gauge Range based on its position as Heat, Tail, Middle.
5. Used to generate the report with existing functionalities.
Technologies we used
Tag & Label Tag & Label Features: 1. Support for Postgres and Informix.
2. Tag and Label can be customized by customer. New version includes option to customize by Ship-To
3. Multi select Template Assign option: user can assign an existing template of one customer to another.
4. Add company logo or any image in the tag or label.
5. Print Mode Option -Based on the length we can control the Tear Off and Cut Option
6. Support Multiple Bar Code format, QR Code Format as per Company Standards
7. Fully Customizable as per the requirement
Technologies we used An easy to use desktop application where user can design the Tag as per their requirement or from their Customers.
Transport Tracker Transport Tracker Features: 1. Google Maps Integration
2. RFID Support
3. An easy to use interface to get the required information
4. Integration with ERP to get the Transport data based on their Address and Pincode.
Technologies we used An application which will help to reduce the cost of Transport by finding the best possible way for the Delivery of Material.
Alerts Configurator Alerts Configurator Features: 1. Real time alerts based on different ERP transactions.
2. Keep up to date on every single operations.
3. Available for every domain i.e. Sales, Purchase, Finance etc.
4. Fully Customizable as per the Customer needs.
Technologies we used A workflow module which keeps an eye of every event that needs to alerted.
STAR - MTR Automation STAR - MTR Automation Features: 1. Easy access throught Web.
2. Capture data from PDF or Image file in useful information.
2. User can process multiple document at the same time.
3. Can be integrated with ERP to directly create Quality Data in the system.
4. Fully Customizable as per the user requirement.
5. Email Option to directly push the data from email to the application. User has to configure its email and that's it.
6. Multilevel data Check so the user will get proper text information from PDF/Image file.
Technologies we used Depending on the size of your organization and the number of Metal Test Certs you store monthly in your system, you may need basic automation to capture and store Metl Test Certs or you may need full automation with ERP system. This will benefit your team and will save the cost for the company.
AP Automation AP Automation Features: 1. Integration with ERP.
2. Dual verification of data so we can get almost 100% match.
3. Help to manage Cash flow.
4. Avoid Late payment fees.
Technologies we used An application that will make the workflow optimize and fast without doing any manual intervention .


Excel Based Financial Reporting

  • Powerful & easy to use

  • Manage Multiple Data Sources

  • Run Shared Reports From Anywhere

  • Great Add-On for Metal Trading ERP

  • Eliminate the Complexity of Data Migration

  • Easily Create Dashboards That Drive Results

  • Pre-Defined templates to accelerate your work

  • Reduce Budget and Planning Cycle Times by up to 70%

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis solution linking the GL to Microsoft Excel

  • Gain Complete Visibility and Control of Your Data With Data Warehouse Automation

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