Material Test Certificate Automation

Our combination of AI and Machine Learning automatically captures data from any channel and check the quality standards are with in the range and set workflow depending upon the conditions

Our combination of AI and Machine Learning automatically captures data from any channel and check the quality standards are with in the range and set workflow depending upon the conditions.

Why this can be a great thing for you?

Automatically matches the quality standards of the Test Report with the given specs to the Vendor Maintains a central repository where you can Instantly access most current Test Reports and up-to-date inspection reports throughout organization.Workflow for multiple approvals and revisions.

How does it work?

As important it is to carry out the quality testing for your products, is to maintain the records that testify it. Maintaining a central repository of Quality Control documents that include process SOPs and inspection reports for access by only the authorized parties is key to ensuring successful material test certificate system.

Along with maintaining the records, you also need to rule out the chances of misplacement and mistaken deletion of the active Quality Control documents. All this needs to be accomplished while ensuring full compliance to the corporate and industry level standards like World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, ISO, etc.While managing all this with your daily business operations may seem like a lot, we bring you solutions to help you manage this part efficiently.

Fret not, we understand what’s important to you.


  • Scan certificates in bulk with built-in OCR scanning
  • Approvals using Smart logic and machine learning
  • Upload or email documents
  • Modify the certificate details at any time during the process workflow

Greater Advantage with ERP Integration

Star Software provides an even greater advantage when used with the main lines of business or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Exchange of important information and documentation between internal technology investments helps drive efficiency and eliminates the chances for mistakes in data-entry and manual document processing. Our software empowers your in-house teams to leverage the power of existing technology as the center point for greater automation and returns on your technology investment.

Software Highlights

Overall Streamlined Business Cycle

Save Time Cutdown on Business Costs

Get more work done with freed up resources

Boost in efficiency and process standardization

Automated test certificate capture

Secure and instantly accessible SOPs and inspection reports

Increased productivity and accuracy

Adherence to corporate quality and compliance intiatives and audits

Managing test certificates becomes super-easy as businesses incorporate automated test certificate management system into their process workflow. Test certificates can be uploaded via email or uploaded directly on the portal so quality is taken care of at the best. The software interface also allows for manual review as well as modifications to the details so any discrepancies can be avoided.

Savor increased productivity with automated test certificate management

Improved productivity is always an advantage and contributes to business success. We understand this. This is why we strive to automate document-driven processes so organizational productivity can be boosted.

The workflow module of our test certificate automation software is comprehensive yet easy to use. The software is available both as a mobile app and a desktop program and uses AI to replicate the human approach to extract data from hard copies.

Where some companies still use manual data entry to process documents, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive, expensive, and prone to errors. While some OCR based templates may help you improve accuracy, we cannot rule out the heavy cost they may incur.

The automated test certificate management system from Star Software is an affordable option for optimizing the complete process workflow.

Increase Material Test Certificate processing up to 80% with zero human intervention

A one-stop solution for industries where Material test Certificates can be automated all the way from email to any ERP.

Intelligent Data Capture

Capture, classify and index data in your documents automatically thus ruling out the chances of errors and improve business insight and productivity.

Electronic Forms

Process secure and easy-to-use e-forms to capture, verify, approve, and integrate data with core business information.

Business Specific Modules

Separate business specific modules like Metal Trading, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Banks, etc

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