We help enterprises to gain a competitive edge with custom business intelligence tools for e-commerce and fintech sectors. Our team delivers a set of advanced tools to successfully promote customer services and products, craft personalized marketing strategies, and analyze efforts.

Services and Solutions

Key Benefits

Data Scientists

We use BI technologies for potentially multiplicative impact on the business along with the validation of the pipeline data analysis. We have a dedicated team of data scientists who can add value to your data management.

Multidisciplinary Specialists

Our business intelligence experts have long experience in different industries. Their expertise ensures the right understanding of customer business needs and objectives.

Database admins

We know how to create a data repository that will be reliable, scalable and fast, and how to manage and improve the database environment that it will be efficient, uninterrupted and secure.

Business Analysis

Analytics is of central importance for successful product launch and development. Our analysts can interpret BI reports into valuable insights to craft the best software development strategy.