Custom Software Development

The Star Software development team is competent in diverse fields of software development and its areas of expertise include, but are not limited to

GUI APPLICATIONS - Star Software can deliver programs for virtually any business purpose for the wide range of platforms (Windows, Unix, Cross-platform applications in Java and more). Primarily, these are business applications such as -

  • Business Automation

  • Trade systems

  • Accounting systems

  • Courseware E-learning software

  • Document circulation supporting systems

  • Custom Apps for IOS and Android


Our experts are always happy to chat. If you'd like to know more, let us know by phone or by email, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


What to Expect from

a Custom Solution

The Software - It's Yours

You own the rights to the software that we build for you. You decide how it needs to work and what enhancements will be made and when that will be. Because the software belongs only to you, it can set you apart from your competition, driving your company's valuation higher and making it more valuable over the course of a merger or acquisition. Whatever you choose to do with it, the application belongs to you. You decide how it will evolve over time.

The Cost – Predictable

One of the downsides of buying off-the-shelf software is that you can end up spending a lot of money modifying a product that doesn't actually belong to you. This works well, until your software provider releases a new version that isn't compatible with your modifications. When this happens, the added expense of updating your software is not only frustrating, but difficult to predict. With custom software, you don't run into this problem. The cost is easy to forecast, and often more economical in the long term.

Distinguish Yourself

Custom software gives you the tools you need to do things differently. To do things more efficiently with increased productivity. It can change the way you interact with your customers, setting you apart from your competition and even help to increase your market share. Whatever your industry, custom software can help you operate differently from other companies in your vertical, making your brand more attractive to partners and customers alike.

Built By Star Software

Over the past decade, we've built software across almost every industry. Custom software is our core competency. It's how we built our business over the past 18 years and it's what we continue to be recognized for today. We have countless success stories that we'd love to share with you. Here are some of our personal favourites: Woodbine Entertainment Group, IXACT Contact, MultiSource Capital, Vanguard Global Services, WEBS Inc. and many, many more!