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Cloud Data Management System to store, share, manage, sign, and approve documents online.

When you are running a business, there are scores of documents that need to be managed which can be a daunting task for many. Storing documents in a way such that they are easy to access is important. Our Document Management System allows for easy handling of all your physical documents while maintaining a complete record of the same online. You can then edit, comment, share, sign, and approve them anytime from anywhere on any device.

When you store documents online, searching for specific data becomes easy. You don’t have to go through the process of shuffling through files and folders to find something that wasn’t even there, thereby, saving you time that can be channeled towards business growth.

Why store documents online?

  • Provides for a backup in case of data loss
  • Makes document sorting easy
  • Facilitates remote access
  • Secures data
  • Makes data sharing easy
  • Helps in automation
  • Makes collaboration between teams easy
  • Compliant to Data Protection Laws

Key Features

Controlled Access and software integration

Share files such as MTRs, folders containing the Sales & Purchase orders, specific document sections with the heat number, mill number, and the order number, or the complete account while specifying permissions to view and edit for users. Create groups with your team to share with all at once. Our document management system allows you to improve team collaboration by integrating other software like the MS Office so you can keep a record of changes that are being made.

Easy Approval and Document Retention

Save both time and money as you get approvals for your material test certificates in a hassle-free manner. Get approvals for documents from people easily by inviting them to approve the same and add their comments. This can be done in a fixed order or all at once. With our document management system, getting approvals and tracking them at the same time couldn’t be better.

Notifications for changes in real-time

Get notified real-time to changes in your documents, or folders as often as you want. You may choose to get notified real-time, or once in a day or week. As soon as someone adds a file or deletes one, you will get the notification as to which personnel made the change at what time.

Reminders for sharing and allocation

Set up reminders for the date and time you need a notification. With our DMS, you can add as many reminders as you like and choose different email addresses. You can then allocate documents to users so they can work on it. Just define the process type, while adding description and other media for help.

Dedicated e-mail address

Assign a dedicated email address for user accounts that you create in the DMS. Using the integral features of the DMS, when you send or forward an email to a specific address, the attached file will also be present in your account inbox. This makes storing documents online much easier.

Add sub-accounts

Create sub-accounts under one primary account. Each sub-account can be assigned a role among a total of 5 roles. Set permissions based on a specific user and their group, documents, and the level of their confidentiality. The DMS makes it easy for you to manage document sharing requirements so you don’t fret upon team collaboration.

Local System Backup

Albeit safe on a cloud-based DMS, you can choose to keep a local back up of all your documents on a hard drive if you wish to. Download the complete file and easily sync between different devices in real-time.

Compliant to Data Protection Laws

Certified by the administrative bodies, our document management system provides full control over your business documents with the highest level of security and support to stay in compliance with your regional data protection laws like the GDPR, and more.


If you have 1000s of document coming every day or in an hour and you want to keep a track of all of it or want to know overall analysis, we have a live Dashboard for this. It will give you manager level summary of the documents. For example – any recent revision created, recently added documents, approved documents , user level changes,etc

Easy tracking through PO No, SO No, MTR No, etc.

Add files manually or import documents that are already in the electronic form. The DMS assigns a unique number to every certificate and uses the same to store them thus, ruling out the chances of storing two different MTR certificates or PO no., or SO no. by the same number.

Tracking them is even easier with the live search function. You can search for a specific MTR using the heat number or mill number like keywords, Similarly sales order and Purchase order documents can be searched through their respective SO and PO nos or any unique no you want to create . Thanks to the advanced OCR technology that increases the document searchability for all file formats including PDFs, and Docx, etc.

Automatic file history or Revisions

Preserve the existing metadata and earlier versions of the file, while you are working on a new version of the same document. Our document management system makes it easy to recover these past file versions with just one click! The Document check-in and check-out feature will lock the document automatically while you are editing it, so no one else can make changes while you are.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Cloud-based, completely digital document management system, accessible on all devices with a running internet connection such as your desktop, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone.

Digital signature and verification

Sign your digital Word and PDF documents easily from the DMS itself. Store the documents that are digitally signed and validate them using the e-signature option. Digital signing and time-stamping of all your documents according to the RFC 6283 Standard for easy access, usage, integrity, authenticity, and durability.

How does our software make document management easy?

Improves document management

It allows for a complete overview of documents with notifications for changes that are made in real-time.

Promotes collaboration between teams

With all your documents stored online in one place, you can grant access to your colleagues/ employees, so you can collaborate easily with them.

Increases business efficiency

With an improvement in document management and collaboration in & between teams, you can see business efficiency rising.

Ensures document authenticity

When you sign documents digitally, it generates an impression of authenticity and indicates that your documents can’t be tampered with.

Allows for quick data searching

With all your documents in one place, you don’t have to go through multiple folders. Important data can be searched quickly and conveniently.

Facilitates remote access

Storing business documents online means you can access them from any device, anytime you want without being present physically.

Go Paperless!

Encouraging businesses to remain in harmony with nature.

The process workflow

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