star Alerts

- To keep things up to date
STAR ALERTS vastly improves your experience with STRATIX / eSTELPLAN software by allowing you to easily add unlimited ALERTS and notification capabilities anywhere, anytime, leveraging your existing system without changing it.

Benefits of using star Alerts

Alert screen customization can be done according to the company requirements.
Email can be customized, for example new fields can be added or layout can be done.
Ensures stronger compliance, Automates your business processes, Improves process speed and accuracy.
It will be installed on the STRATIX or eSTELPLAN server itself, no third party server required hence no implementation cost.

Fast Sales

- To make sales person life easier and efficient

Cloud based – create quote or order from anywhere

Since it is installed on STRATIX server itself your data will be secure and as there is no need for new servers it will be more economical in the long term.

Quote Fast and sell more

Spend less time configuring quotes and orders so you can spend more time strengthening customer relationships and acquiring new customers.

No need to waste time on pricing

It can not only extract the price from metal book price but will also show the previous price of the product that is being quoted.

Mass order through excel

Many companies get their mass orders through excel sheet. We have developed a unique way to copy direct from the excel sheet and create a quote or order with in seconds.

Get the real data of sales

It just not only create quotes and order faster but also give the performance of the company sales, like many quotes have been converted or lost.

It even tracks the order which are delayed and ready to ship. This gives a sales person to have a full controll of his order from placing the quote to the point to ship.

Stock Overview at the point of sales

It will let you know whether that product is in stock or it’s an incoming material. This will get the sales person a general overview of at what time he can deliver the material to the customer.

Tag & Label Customization tool

- Tag and Label Customization now become easier
No need to rely on a third party from now on for making changes to your Tag or Label. Now the customize of Tag and Label are in your hand which results to cost saving.
Fast and easy to customize, great for people who are not even from the IT background.
Free training will be provided.
It will be installed on the STRATIX server itself, no third party server required.
A tool which every STRATIX customer would need.
Cost Effective and no cost of implementation.